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The Concierge Amsterdam team shares a big passion for Amsterdam and they would love to share it with you. Using extensive local knowledge, a top-notch network and a finely tuned antenna for the needs of those ready to savour our unique city, we offer concierge services to all those who prefer their private or business trips hassle-free and rich in quality. When you don’t have a lot of time, you need to experience the best of Amsterdam. Let us be your filter - we will cut down the mundane and enhance the wow-factor of your visit to Amsterdam.

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Our Approach

With years of experience, our passionate team embodies a diverse range of skills, which combine to create experiences in Amsterdam that differ from conventional expectations. Something small and simple can be made completely special using the right ingredients. The experiences we offer are delivered with quality service and a personal touch, resulting in memorable and shareable content.

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How We Work

1. Request

You place a request online or by telephone.

2. Input

We inquire further details from you to complete your request and meet all your expectations

3. Design

Based on your personal input, we design your customized experience from start to end.

4. Approval

You approve the offer or provide additional wishes to complete your package.

5. Payment

We kindly request your (pre) payment to secure your special requests.

6. Enjoy

We make it all happen while you sit back enjoy your personal experience in Amsterdam.

Why Us


We provide the complete experience with a tailor-made itinerary or event script, just for you. One contact person ensures your needs are met and makes certain that you are tapping into the best local network of suppliers and partners. For our clients, this means one invoice for all requested services (yes, including all your personal expenses) and the guarantee of an exclusive and tailored experience/event that cannot be bought as a package elsewhere.

Concierge Amsterdam Spotted

The Concierge Amsterdam Team

Bojana Duovski Bojana is a true leader with a passion for quality service who never settles for less. I love Amsterdam because on every walk, bike or boat trip through the city, you will discover something you haven‘t seen before. Off-record: You can find her singing along to pop tracks with her daughter on Friday nights.

Reshma Reshma has perfected the art of pampering and knows how to put a smile on your face. I love Amsterdam because it‘s the city where I found love. Off-record: She can spend hours on the internet browsing different restaurant menus.

Bas Bas is a health nut with a great knack for predicting new trends. I love Amsterdam because it‘s a melting-pot of more than 170 different nationalities, yet everyone feels at home. Off-record: He was an advocate for cold-pressed vegetable juices before they were hip.

Maurits Maurits works with passion and has a keen eye for detail. I love Amsterdam because it‘s so alive; the city gives you energy just by walking through its winding streets. Off-record: He loves using spreadsheets so much that he even used one to determine whether to buy a cat or not (he didn‘t get one).

Sasa Sasa has a great sense of humor powered by visual skills and a candid personality. I love Amsterdam because of its versatility and strong identity. Off-record: He once fell asleep waiting for the perfect shot, but woke up in time to catch the right moment.

Alma Omerovic Alma is an eclectic idealist with an organizational nature. I love Amsterdam because it is big enough to hearten dreams, but small enough to make them achievable. Off-record: She is crazy about stationary and keeps various boxes of it at home.

Francisco Francisco is a visionary designer with a healthy case of OCD. I love Amsterdam because you can cover the entire city by bike and find tasty snacks on every corner. Off-record: He‘s developed a small obsession for buying new socks.

Bojana Snijders Bojana takes perfectionism to a new level, especially when it comes to the kitchen. I love Amsterdam because it‘s a cosmopolitan city that‘s disguised as a charming village, connected by sleepy canals. Off-record: She got married to the same man three times (and never got divorced).

John John is a conceptual creative and charmer who has a way with words. I love Amsterdam because it‘s every city you want it to be. Off-record: He keeps his appearance so tidy you would never know his desktop is far from it.

Laura de Vries Laura is a hardworking initiator with a perfectionist touch. I love Amsterdam because you can have breakfast at any time of day. Off-record: She enjoys folding other people‘s laundry but never her own.

The Concierge

con–cierge / noun
(1697 - 2006)
1. a caretaker of an apartment complex or a small hotel, typically one living on the premises.
2. a hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by arranging tours, making theater and restaurant reservations.
(source: Oxford Dictionary)
(2006 - Present)
1. a trained professional with an extensive personal network whereby seemingly 'impossible' things are made to come to fruition.
2. a service enthusiast who aims to make a guest's stay more pleasant by attending to extra special requests, or making tailored suggestions within the local area.
3. Concierge Amsterdam.
(source: Various sources)

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