Our services are suitable for corporate and leisure needs. The common incentive for our services is quite simply designing a unique Amsterdam experience, sharing our extensive local knowledge and adding our personal touch to modern hospitality expectations. Please find below the type of services we offer.

Corporate Incentives

For all your corporate incentives, we will integrate the desired ingredients and compile a tailored itinerary to offer you the best possible options and negotiate the best deals through our partner network, whether your request concerns a new business venture or an important client's visit.

Exhibition, Fair & Expo

Optimize your time when visiting an exhibit, fair or expo in Amsterdam. Provide us with your schedule and we can suggest personalized content to make the most of your spare time. We can advise you on where the best networking events are taking place to ensure you maximize your presence in every way.

Corporate Events

Planning an anniversary party, team-building event or a large scale office party in Amsterdam? Let us help you to find the perfect location and select the best local suppliers for all additional services to make your event complete. Our true expertise lies in delivering the full package, including, the set-up, execution and follow-up of the complete experience with a single invoice.

City Experience

On arrival to the airport, we will welcome you personally and guide you through our city based on a customized itinerary tailored to your personal preferences. We always ensure that you see the highlights, experience the city as a local, meet the right people, get a nice dose of culture and taste the best cuisines. You are simply there to sit back and enjoy.

Hospitality & Service Consultancy

In the past few years, Amsterdam has expanded its metropolitan core which inevitably attracts more visitors each year. The hospitality and service level in the city should match this development to meet the expectations of its visitors. With a decade of hospitality and high-service experience under our belt, we help local businesses take their company to another level in the form of presentations, keynotes or consultancy.

City Content

Our extensive city knowledge is always kept up-to-date with local hidden gems and secrets. We love sharing, so don't bother to reinvent the wheel. Reach out and let us know what type of city content you wish to have at your fingertips.


We provide you with access to Amsterdam nightlife, VIP tables at (hidden) clubs and bars, no-queue arrivals, arranged seating for a local concert, the right ingredients for your party and private chefs cooking in your kitchen. We are not here to steal your limelight, we want to make you shine!


We organize tailored high-end celebrations of unique birthday and bachelor parties, and are lucky to draft original wedding proposals in our beautiful city. Secure tickets for a sold-out performance or sports event, have a meet-and-greet or arrange a personal introduction to specific networks, gain access to closed events in the city, and acquire extra special items with our help.

Hospitality Workshops

For all your business ventures, we deliver specialized workshops to help you excel in your professional field. Our trained specialists offer tailored in-company workshops to increase your brand's awareness through hospitality and service.

How We Work

1. Request

You place a request online or by telephone.

2. Input

We inquire further details from you to complete your request and meet all your expectations

3. Design

Based on your personal input, we design your customized experience from start to end.

4. Approval

You approve the offer or provide additional wishes to complete your package.

5. Payment

We kindly request your (pre) payment to secure your special requests.

6. Enjoy

We make it all happen while you sit back enjoy your personal experience in Amsterdam.